Western Australia’s South West region lies within an internationally renowned biodiversity hotspot, featuring unique plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.

The region is experiencing increasing pressures from climate change, population growth, development and water demand which will continue to test its environmental and social capital.

The future of this region, community and economy are all dependent on how citizens collectively care for and manage their environment and natural resources.


Evolving in geographic isolation, the Terrestrial Biodiversity (all ‘land-based’ life-forms: plants, animals, micro-organisms) of the the south-west of Western Australia is some of the most unique in the country, if not the world.

This South West Biodiversity Hotspot has over 8,000 native vascular plants (species + subspecies), nearly 50% of which are endemic to the region…found nowhere else on the planet!

A staggering amount when compared to England, where the land mass is proportionate to the South West but….


Quinninup lies in the land of the giants, surrounded by old growth and regrowth Jarrah and Karri forests.

Karri is the tallest species in Western Australia and one of the tallest hardwoods on Earth.

In just under three and a half hours, you can drive south from Perth and arrive in the green serenity of Quinninup.

A staggering 80 percent of the Southern Forests region is dedicated to forest and national parks, so outdoor adventures and nature abound.

Visitors are asked to please;
not light any fires.
stay on the marked trails.
dress according to the season.
wear suitable footwear or hiking boots.
drive carefully on all gravel tracks.
do not pick wildflowers or take any flora and fauna.
take your litter with you.
avoid walking on very hot, very wet or very windy days.
enjoy and respect our backyard.

Whilst care has been taken to minimise risk, these sites and walk trails may be situated in state forest, plantation areas and old growth forests which are all subject to the dynamics of a living ecosystem. As such no liability is accepted by the QCA for any accident or injury.