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The QCA helps to...

  • promote and protect the interests of the Quinninup Community.
  • promote and protect the environment in our region.
  • encourage social interaction and relationships between members and businesses of the Quinninup Community.

The QCA was incorporated in 1989.

The original task was to prevent logging in the areas near the township off Wheatley Coast Road, to this end numerous submissions were presented and in 1992 Nature Walk Trails were established and in 1994 our Eco Tourism module was put in place.

A 9 year moratorium was given on future logging, which, as good fortune would have it, brought it right up to the time that the area was declared a National Park.


Most of the facilities’ in the township were initiated by the QCA.

Services made available to the community such as the library, various sporting facilities including the tennis courts and the gym, community computers and the leasing of old school from the Shire for our community centre.

The QCA was also instrumental in arranging government and corporate services for the community; fire-fighting equipment, TransWA bus service, postal services and mobile telephone and internet services for the town.

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Quinninup Fair

Our annual fair with rides, wine tasting, local arts and local produce


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We'd like to say a huge 'thank you' to our sponsors who assist with our many projects and events.

Quininnup Community Association
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The QCA has instigated a number of successful events including the Annual Fair which commenced in 2001 as well as a "Pop-Up" cafè and other funding raising events.

The Shire of Manjimup CEO and our local council member conducts meetings with the Quinninup community in town every six months.

The QCA committee meets regularly in the Quinninup Community Centre.

QCA meetings are held bi-monthly every 2nd Thursday at 6pm in the Community Centre.