Happy New Year folks... it is now 2018 and there is going to be a few changes to the Quinninup website and associated areas. For the good I hasten to add!

Let me introduce myself;

Myself and my partner Jacqui moved to Quinninup in November of last year, and as I have skills in web development, video, photography, journalism and so on, it was logical I made myself available to update the website and generally get involved in the "digital" side of Quinninup.

The start has been to create a new Facebook group called "Our Quinninup", and now I am coming to grips with the official website and getting it back up to scratch and up to date. Please bear with me while our learn the nuances of the new (to me) system - it might take a few days.

On behalf of myself and Jacqui, and our two doggies Budweiser and Shnorky, thank you so much for the huge welcome and acceptance we have received. 

Please feel free to contact either of us if you have any information, news (or gossip - shhh!) you would like us to pass on through this website to the rest of the community.

My email is david@auscamonline.com or phone via 0499089034.


David & Jacqui