The magnificent Hollow Butt Karri situated on the King Karri walk trail has fallen.  Estimated to be over 370 years old, this magnificent tree has long been a much admired icon of the area saved from logging and now preserved by national park status.

Years of lobbying and hard work by Quinninup community members in the late 1980s through the 1990s achieved the protection of this area.  A moratorium on logging was achieved in 1991, followed by an AHC interim listing in 1992.  Our iconic walk trails were developed starting in 1993, and the Quinninup Eco Module Information Shelter in 1994. Work continued, below is an excerpt from a 1999 QCA submission.

Preservation status of our ancient and modern forests, ecological diversity, and thus our natural and social histories was achieved.

The King Karri walk features giant, ancient Karri forestwith a variety of understory creepers including white clematis, purple hardenbergia, and red coral vine.  A winter walk will reveal many of the 18 families of macro-fungi growing around Quinninup, along with mosses, ferns, liverworts, and lichens.