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Orchid Walk

Situated: About 1.5 km east of Quinninup, off Karri Lane
Distance: 5 km return, follow the arrows from sign.
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1½ hours plus
Best: Late winter to late spring (Jul - Nov)

Special Features
The Orchid Walk displays many of the 40 orchid species found around Quinninup. In winter and spring the careful observer may see Spider, Helmet, Snail, Flying Duck, Hammer and Bird orchids flowering along the side of the trail. Other orchid species in the area include Pink Fairy, Cowslip, Slipper, Donkey, Purple Enamel, Pink Enamel, White Bunny, Lilac Sun and Blue Lady.
The trail traverses part of the ancient Palaeozoic (400 million years) water drainage system which transects the Quinninup area and features many gondwanan flora species such as banksia, hakea, grevillea, adenanthos and dryandra.
Many colourful flora species are restricted to this walk and differ substantially from the adjoining forest under-storey.

Karri Forest

Karri Forest

King Karri Walk

Situated: About 1 km south of Quinninup, off Wheatley Coast Road
Distance: 4 km return, follow the arrows from sign.
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Duration: 1 hour plus
Best: Winter and spring (Jun - Dec)

Special Features
This walk features Eucalyptus diversicolor, commonly known as the Karri. 
It is a eucalypt which is native to the wetter regions of south west of Western Australia. These giant ancient trees grow to over 90 metres (295 feet) making it one of the tallest species in the world. 
The local giant ancient karri forests have under-storey creepers including white clematis, purple hardengergia and red coral vine, which all flower in spring.
Winter is the best time to discover many of the 18 families of macro-fungi found around Quinninup. These exhibits a wide variety of colour and form, from huge bracket fungi attached to tree trunks to microscopic green and orange toadstools on decomposing bark. Mosses, lichens, liverworts and ferns are abundant in late winter.
Two of the larger karri trees are marked and named by the locals as, "The Shaggy Karri" and "The Hollow Butt".

Karri Lake Walk

Situated: 150m from the corner of Wheatley Coast Road and Karri Lane
Distance: 0.6 km return, follow timber arrows from sign.
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 30 minutes plus
Best: Winter and spring (Jun - Dec)

Special Features
This is a relaxing and pleasant walk around Karri Lake, enjoy a picnic at the water side underneath the trees. The views at sunset are spectacular across the water catching the reflections of the trees and clouds in the water.